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Combating Damaged Hair

There are several reasons why damaged hair may occur. Most often dry and damaged hair occurs from the over use of harsh chemicals or styling products. Damaged hair is the first sign that alerts us that we are doing something wrong when it comes to taking care of our hair. A person’s hair is a symbol of their identity. Many celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston are famous for their beautiful and shiny hair. Damaged hair gives the appearance of a rough and coarsened look. A person who has dry and damaged hair usually looks older than their actual age. There are several tips for preventing dry and damaged hair. Damaged hair can be a thing of the past after following these simple remedies.

Damaged hair care can be performed in a number of different ways. One cause of damaged hair is perms. Perms damaged hair because of the harsh chemicals that are used in the perming solution. To prevent perms damaged hair it is important that someone uses a perm kit that has a more sensitive based perming solution or an effective conditioning treatment. After a person receives a harsh perm their hair appears very dry and full of split ends. Stop perm damaged hair by using a special conditioner designed to repair premed or color treated hair. This type of conditioner is a number one damaged hair care tip.

Repairing damaged hair can occur through a number of different conditioning treatments. One should also remember when using proper damaged hair care to not shampoo their hair regularly if their hair is extremely damaged. Shampoo tends to strip away at the hair causing over and excessive drying. Repairing damaged hair can be done through the use of a leave in conditioner. A leave in conditioner will work on repairing split ends and other hair issues. Another conditioner to use when repairing damaged hair is one that is left on for several minutes and then rinsed out thoroughly. This type of conditioner uses the heat and steam from the shower to successfully repair damaged hair.

Some people experience hair damage from straightening their hair. When a person uses a heated styling device that straightens their hair this causes breakage of the hair follicles. Straightening is very hard on a person’s hair. If you straighten your hair often it is a good idea to use a heavy conditioner that specializes in hair repair. Straightening creates many beautiful hairstyles but one must also take the time to repair the damage that is done.

By following these tips damaged hair can easily be prevented.