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Baby Hair Care

It seems that some babies are born with a very soft head of hair that is called downy. The downy hair is usually quite light in appearance. The down can be referred to as the hair that covers the body of a baby duck. Not all babies are born with a downy covering but instead some babies are born bald. This is a natural occurrence. The hair that later replaces the newborn downy is usually much fuller than the downy hair and is of a different texture.

Baby hair care is a very simple process to perform. Depending on the amount of hair a baby has will determine how often the hair needs to be shampooed. When performing baby hair care shampooing only needs to be done on an “as needed basis.” When taking care of newborn hair it is very important to be extremely gentle. Try to avoid putting pressure onto the soft spot that is located at the top of the baby’s head. Many babies and even children who have reached their toddler years are very sensitive to any type of pressure that is unnecessarily put on their scalp.

It is best when performing baby hair care to go very slow when washing the scalp and hair of a newborn or a young child. Before you begin to wash the hair make sure that the hair is free from tangles. This will ensure that the baby’s head is not pulled during the shampoo process.

It is important to make sure that a young child’s hair is kept trimmed. Trimmed means that when performing baby hair care the hair should be kept out of the child’s eyes and ears. When hair is allowed to grow too long unnecessary tangling can occur. An individual or professional can trim the hair of a baby. Most people trim their own baby’s hair during the first year of life.

When shampooing the hair of a baby make sure to use a special shampoo that is designed for a baby’s hair. Baby shampoo does not contain sulfates or other additives that are found in adult shampoos. Baby shampoos also prevent stinging in the shampoo happens to get in the baby’s eyes. As a child gets older the child may experience hair damage from their hair being tangled. This can be prevented by using a baby shampoo or a shampoo with a low ph balance.

Baby hair care is an easy process when one follows these helpful suggestions. These suggestions will ensure that your baby’s hair is kept clean and beautiful.