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Heat Cap – Hair Treatment

A heat cap is designed to protect the hair and to retain hair products close to the hair and scalp. Loosely fitted heat caps are made from heat activated shrink-wrap material; they are extremely gas and moisture resistant. When applying heat, usually from a hair dryer, the shrink-wrap that shrinks snugly about the hair material is turned on. This accomplishes both hair protection as well as the ability to lock in and retain hair treatment products you have been applied to your hair.

There are also certain options. These include pouches that contain dischargeable hair treatment products inside the cap and tear away areas. This is done to customize the size of the cap to the wearer. Then there is a new heatable hair cap, designed to provide heat to a wearer's head to specially aid the styling of the wearer's hair. This inventive mechanism comes with a cap member with an internal layer and an external layer that defines a cap internal space in between. Within the cap member internal space is a heatable gel solution that provides heat to the head cavity.

Heat caps are perfect for hot oil treatments, hair care treatment and deep conditioning. Normally, they are cordless and microwavable. All you have to do is place the hot / cold gel packs into the sewn in pockets. Then place the heat cap in the microwave, and within minutes you are ready for a hair care treatment.

Heat caps are, usually, made of a microwave safe cotton/polyester blend keeping in mind maximum durability and comfort. These heat caps can help with damaged hair, or to put more curl and bounce into your hair that is less than stunning. Above all, heat caps are satisfaction guaranteed by the makers, i.e. if you don't like, just return it.