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Follicular Unit Hair Transplant

Balding is a commonplace phenomenon for most adult males. Sadly, the root cause of this occurrence is largely attributed to genetic factors. As far as medicine is concerned, many of the hair growth formulas available in the market are unsuccessful in restoring the heads of hair in the normal state. This is the reason why hair transplant surgery is a viable option for individuals suffering from hair loss.  Yet the different hair transplant procedures in the market are mushrooming, so identifying the right procedure suited for your needs and capabilities proves to be a difficult task. However, the bottom-line of individuals experiencing hair loss is twofold: restoring their appearance and having the most natural looking heads of hair as possible.
Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT) is an inventive method of hair transplant procedures. The procedure focuses on creating the most natural hair strands by mimicking the natural growth of hair. The natural growth of hair is 1 to 4 strands per follicular unit. Hair follicles are implanted with natural hair either from donor strips or taken from the donor area.
The plus point of the follicular unit hair transplant procedure is its selective feature (i.e. the ability to selectively put the tiny grafts of hair in different areas needing hair transplants). These small recipients’ sites create as little damage to the scalp as possible, making the procedure a very safe alternative to the usual grafting procedure. Not only that, the small recipient sites are almost invisible to the naked eye, making the hair graft almost indistinguishable from the original strands of hair.
This FUT procedure also takes into consideration the natural process of losing hair and the weak areas on the head. The follicular units are transplanted only in these ‘weak spots’ which makes the procedure faster. In a single hair transplant surgery, the hair surgeon could place recipients’ sites to the thousands thereby completing the hair restoration procedure in very few sessions. Moreover, healing for the scalp can happen in only a few days since the needle-sized recipient areas are very small.
The follicular level procedure is a breakthrough in hair transplants since previous methods of hair restoration procedures tend to look unnatural. The mini-micrografting procedures of the past leave an unpleasant and bulky feel to the scalp since differently-sized grafts are used. This also results in a tufted appearance.

The FUT procedure does not leave anything to chance. Especially design microscopes provide accuracy in the graft dissection stage. The careful extraction of hair follicular units makes for a better transplanting since the quality and integrity of the hair strands are not compromised in the process. The stereo microscopes used in the graft dissection stage is also capable of identifying the non-hair bearing areas of the scalp and in this stage, these areas are also meticulously checked and replaced with the follicular units.