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Hair Straightening / Ironing / Bonding

Never mind why you want to have your hair straightened; it is crucial that you know that you will have strong chemicals applied to your hair. Moreover, it if is not done properly, it could permanently damage your hair. This is why it is so important to have a professional to do the straightening for you. Above all, remember that when your hair has been straightened out chemically, it normally calls for special care to see that it does not dry out.

When straightening curly hair, most of the products work excellently. However, this is not without the help of good styling tools, such as high heat) and the right brushes. An alternative is to love the wave or curls you were born with. Use the temporary straightening methods for an occasional different look.

A lot of people say that apart from straightening hair, ironing made it fine and soft. But the best part about having straight hair was the dramatic change in appearance. Men were so accustomed to seeing teased and billowy hair that this new style proved shocking. In fact, a lot of people are rather appalled that young ladies could take such steps s just to alter their appearance.

Then again, today’s hairstylists will tell you that all the excitement about harming your hair is rather ridiculous. Curling irons and blow dryers work just like clothes irons. Whether the advice is wrong or right, hair ironing is rapidly going out of style.

In hair bonding strands of hair are fastened to your existing hair with specially formulated hair adhesives. This technique is used for long wearing extensions which can be worn up to six months.

In addition, most salon’s carry a full line of hair fusion products, tools and accessories for professional hair bonding. Shop around this site for educational materials, get information on hair bonding methods and hair extensions care and maintenance. Shop around for books for the latest information on hair braiding techniques, hair styles and hair care.