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Hair Replacement

Hair loss is being experienced by both men and women, and it is not a joke. Hair loss can do a lot of damage in a person’s life such as the loss of self-esteem, for instance. So it is important for people experiencing this to find a way to cope up with it. One way to do so is through a hair replacement. But not all hair replacements can do the job. Here are some of the most common ones that work.

One of the few hair replacement techniques out there is taking Minoxidil. It is an oral drug, and it is approved for regrowing hair. Originally though, this medicine was targeted for treating high blood pressure. But no matter what it has been originally made for, if you use minoxidil twice a day, it will really be effective. For those who are still young and the hair loss has just recently occurred, Minoxidil is more effective for you. But this drug is not that perfect though. It may have some side effects. One known side effect of Minoxidil is itchiness in the scalp. And if a person stops using the drug, all those hair that have been regrown will start falling again. So this means a lifetime usage of the drug. More effective hair replacement medications are expected in the future however.

If taking a medication for the replacement of hair is not for you, then you might want to consider other alternatives. One such alternative is hair transplant or surgery. Before, there were aesthetic concerns revolving around hair replacement surgery. People were hesitant to avail of it because they may look uglier, what with having patches of hair on the head. Now, however, surgical techniques have considerably improved and surgeons are getting more skillful in what they do. There are numerous surgical techniques that can be applied for the replacement of hair. But these can be summarized into two categories—scalp reduction and transplantation.

If surgery is not your choice in the matter, do not despair. There are still other hair replacement options available for you. You can make use of hairpieces. They are not that costly and less painful to boot. You can capitalize on toupees and wigs though you have to be meticulous in choosing one. Not all hairpieces are created great so make sure you make an intelligent decision before buying one. Hairpieces can be made of synthetic hair or real human hair being implanted into netting made of nylon. If you choose a hair weave, this involves sewing a wig to your existing hair. Other hairpieces involve tapes, metal clips, and adhesives.

Hair loss is definitely a serious matter. Yes it is harmful to a person’s psyche. Moreover, some individuals who experience hair loss may be having dangerous health problems. So hair loss should not be taken lightly. For those who want to do something about the loss of their hair, whether you are a man or woman, do not hesitate to do so. You can take the approved medication, undergo surgery, or buy hairpieces!