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Hair Highlighting

The aim of hair highlighting is to get that sun-kissed look and give depth and light to one’s color on the whole. Hair highlighting is done to add depth to one’s hair and lighten up the overall look. The process comprises picking small or thick strands of hair; then they are lightened at least 2 shades less than the rest of one’s hair. This color must, however, compliment one’s natural hair color or that with which you intend to fully cover your hair with. Also, it is not advisable to go over three shades lighter then the rest of one’s original hair color. So, when you highlight your hair, if you want to get that salon perfect result at home what do the pros say?

It is tougher to highlight darker shades of hair, than light ones. Besides, for darker hair, the products used are also much harsher. The process is by and large as follows. When hairstylists highlight hair first they bleach the patron’s hair. That done, they apply the selected highlight shade. To highlight hair stylists normally use foil. Alternatively, they may use a highlighting cap with holes pierced into it. Strands of your hair are then extracted and colored.

The basic difference between hair highlighting and hair coloring is that in hair coloring, color is applied to all your hair. On the other hand in hair highlighting color is added just to certain specific strands that are, normally, bright with a metallic tint. The highlighted hair then looks like your hair has been illuminated in those shades if done well.

On the flip side, as hair highlighting involves use of bleach, it tends to leave your hair dry, frizzy and coarse. If you wish your hair to get back its original texture, you must use after-highlighting care. For this we recommend certain are spa treatments. Alternatively, or you may oil you hair on a regular basis or use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed to take treat dry and damaged hair.