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Hair Follicle Cloning

According to recent research hair cloning can be the solution to curb the problem of hair loss. Hair cloning is also known as hair follicle cloning. Hair cloning can prove to be a great treatment for baldness too. During this process many injections will be injected in your scalp, but this procedure is definitely worth the discomfort, as you can get new hair which cannot be attained by experimenting with all the existing treatments for baldness. People can lose hair due to umpteen reasons. There are some cases, where patients lose hair due to cancer treatment. Hair cloning can be a boon for these people too. According to the statistics, sixty seven percent of the patients who undergo this treatment can expect to have successful results, within a span of six months.

In hair cloning transplant, the cells of a hair follicle are collected and later multiplied in a laboratory. Finally, the multiplied cells of the hair follicle get injected into the scalp of the patient, which then instigates the growth of hair. There are some hair follicles which, besides fulfilling the function of regeneration, also spread chemical signals to their adjacent follicles. Those follicles which had become inactive due to age, can respond to these chemical signals, and start regenerating hair. There are many factors like stress, excessive hair washing, changes in hormones, and the consumption of certain medicines which trigger hair loss. When treatments like natural remedies, hair care treatments, change in lifestyle, and oral medicines, fail to work, hair follicle cloning presents a ray of hope for the people experiencing this condition.

Until now, this procedure has not been implemented and further research is being conducted. Technically, hair cloning does not involve any cloning. It is a multiplication of cells from the hair follicle. This name has become popular as numerous hair follicles can be developed from a single follicle. The major hurdle in the process of hair follicle cloning is that the quantity of hair follicles that are required to influence the growth of hair is unknown. There have been a lot of speculations that scientists are working on a pill which can help the hair follicle to multiple. The technology of hair cloning is about to hit the markets within a couple of years. And it will not be wrong to presume that hair cloning will give all the existing treatments of hair loss a run for their money.