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Hair Body Wave - Perms

Perms, also called hair body waves are back. Permanent waves don’t essentially have give you a tight curl. Hair perming is intended to add body and texture to hair. Most "hair perming, “given today are "waves". Hair body wave are set on a larger rod and give your hair volume. The world today offers hair technologies that are thio-free, neutralizer free, damage free. Moreover, they last as long as or longer than a conventional "perm". Hair body wave is the choice of today's women who wants volume, shine and beautiful long luscious hair but don't wish to spend more than 5 minutes getting it.

A hair body wave is a new take on the old "perm", a loose body wave that gives your hair movement and volume. How the hair body wave perm works depends on the natural texture and condition of your hair. If your hair is very straight, large curls are made in order to create a soft, natural wave. If your hair already has a slight wave, the natural curl is stressed by focusing on the bottom hair layers. To achieved this large rollers and strong setting solution are used.

What hair types most suitable for Hair Body Wave?

People with healthy hair, are looking for a little bit of oomph, or those with the kind of limp hair that just fit here.


Which hair types are not suitable for Hair Body Wave?


Folks with bleached, over colored hair.


How long does a Hair Body Wave take?

It usually takes around one and a half hours.