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Hair body waves:

Today, every woman wants a hair style that is trendy and fashionable, but doesn’t require too much time for care and styling. The new look, which supposedly meets all these demands, is a hair body wave. Hair body waves are essentially conventional perms held in looser and softer perms. Moreover, the methods used to get a body wave hair perm are now considered safer for the hair, providing products that are thio-free, neutralizer free, and damage free. Keep in mind that a good hair body perm will only show some definition when it’s wet. When your hair is dry there should only be a slight bounce or movement.

Body wave hair perm:

So how do you get a hair body wave? Well, you could get one in five minutes by using rods and irons, but these won’t be permanent and will only last till your next wash. Permanent hair waving, on the other hand, can last from six to eight months, depending on the natural texture of your hair. This process involves the breaking and reforming of the disulfide bonds (side bonds in the protein fibers) of the hair by means of chemicals. The size of the curl is dependent on the size of the rod. Once the hair has been treated, it is wrapped on a perm rod. Thereafter, a waving lotion (mostly, ammonium thioglycolate) is applied. After the waving lotion has broken the bonds and reshaped the hair, it is rinsed off. Then, a neutralizer is applied to reform the bonds and set the hair shape and style. This is the trickiest part of the process, and it must be closely monitored.

Body wave hair styles:

The thing is that there are no particular body wave hair styles. A body wave simply makes your hair wavy, and adds volume, bounce, and movement. The only thing that matters or differs is the size and number of rods used in the process. A large rod will result in a wave pattern that is different from the on you would get with a small rod. Before you get a perm, its best to speak with your hairstylist and let him/her know exactly what you end look should be. Then, let the stylist determine the thickness and number of rods to be used.

Things to remember:

If you’re looking to get a body wave hair style by means of a hair body perm, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, speak to your stylist at length about your hair texture, the number of times you’ve had it permed in the past, the last time you had it colored, etc. All these factors will affect the outcome of your perm. Also make sure to be clear on the type of wave you want, soft, large, or tight. Finally, after getting a perm, make sure to use a good conditioner and a mild shampoo to prevent hair damage and breaking.