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Best Color Highlights for Dark Brown Hair, What Color Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

My natural hair color is brown; I have green-grey eyes and light yellow skin. Which do you think is good hair color to paint my hair?

The first question you need to answer to yourself is whether you want to color your hair with permanent dye. There are also temporary jobs easily available in the market, but these will last you till your next wash. If you want to color your hair permanently, there are some things you should know. The first of which is that you may experience some element of hair loss and loss of fine texture of your hair as well. However, if you are prepared for that, there are endless possibilities you can explore to change your appearance dramatically. If you wish to go for the subtle effect, black or mahogany are good colors. They will blend in with your combination of eye color and complexion perfectly. These are also the kind of colors that will add a touch of sophistication to your looks. If you wish to go for a sassy, young look, then golden would be an excellent color to opt for. Try to opt for a rich and deep gold, rather than a brassy and shiny one, which may end up looking tacky. Avoid colors like yellow gold or ashy gold, which will take away from the richness of your eyes. Your eyes would be the best part of your face and they should be highlighted accordingly as well.

For a dramatic effect, you can opt for a shade known as titian red. This is a combination of strawberry red and dark golden. Although it is available out of a box too, you can also mix a couple of colors to get the exact richness of titian. However, it is advisable for you to get a professional to do this, rather than trying it yourself. Red will enhance and bring out the green of your eyes and will also add drama to your general appearance. It would be smarter to try the color out on one lock of hair first. Another option you have available to you is to opt for streaking your hair as opposed to coloring it fully. This also has the ability and capacity to change your appearance dramatically. In this case, you can choose almost any color, and it will go well with your skin and eyes. But a deep rich red would work wonders. You can alternate this deep and rich red with a deep, dark and oak-ish brown. This combination will work towards making your skin appear healthy as opposed to pale or vapid, and will also make your general appearance richer and better.