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Weak Hair Roots, Hair Follicle Disorder, Weak Hair Follicle and Hair Loss Disorder

I'm 35 years old man. For the past 2 months I have been losing about 10 hairs a day while combing. While applying oil also I'm losing my hair. What is the remedy?

Each strand of hair that grows out of your scalp has to complete a definite cycle and then it is shed, therefore some amount of hair loss is a very normal occurrence. An average human sheds about 40 to 50 hair a day. Therefore if you are losing about ten hairs a day then there is nothing wrong with the hair loss you are experiencing. However since you have mentioned that your hair loss has suddenly increased in the past two months, there may be a chance that you have a temporary hair disorder. One of these hair disorders is telogen effluvium. The disorder starts to take effect when a person is under sudden or severe stress. The hair follicles stop growing prematurely and enter a phase of no growth or a resting phase. After a period of lying dormant for about three months, a large amount of hair is shed. Male pattern baldness is another possibility that may be causing your hair loss. The disorder is common among middle aged men and the hair loss first begins with thinning of the hair and over the years leads to complete loss of hair on top of the head. Therefore in order to be sure that it is not one of these or other disorders it is advisable to consult a dermatologist or your doctor. If you find out that your hair loss is not the cause of a disorder then the next logical step is to make changes to your diet as sudden hair loss and thinning is often caused due to poor nutrition. As result the hair tends to get weak and breaks of easier when combing.  
Protein is by far the most important nutrient that you should focus on when trying to combat hair loss and breakage. Hair is actually made of a form of protein( the same kind that is responsible for the formation of finger and toe nails)and hence consuming foodstuffs like chicken, eggs, fish, grains, nuts, soy, cheese and other dairy products and also dried beans will indirectly increase the amount of protein that your hair receives. Your diet should also be rich in iron, vitamin B12 and lysine when trying to stop hair loss and hair damage. Along with these nutrients there are also certain herbs that are beneficial for preventing hair loss. Nettle or nettle root extract is one such herb that is effective as it contains the vitamins A and C which are considered to be beneficial for hair growth and increasing hair strength.