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Treatment for Hair Growth, Natural Remedy for Hair Growth, Home Remedy for Hair Growth

Hi, I want to ask that my hair growth is very slow and hairs on my scalp are fewer then before. Suggest me a home remedy for hair growth.

All of us tend to shed a certain amount of hair every day. Also, after the age of 35, our hair does take longer to grow. Both these things are natural and no cause for concern. In spite of this, there are quite a few home remedies that you can apply that will ensure a good amount of hair growth. But before you start off with these remedies, there are a few things that you will need to avoid doing. One of them is the daily use of hair dryers and hair irons. These products not only steal the moisture from your hair but also break the hair strands, making them weak. If possible, avoid chemical treatments like hair coloring and hair perming. The chemicals used in these treatments weaken the hair at the root level.

One of the most effective treatments for hair growth is massaging your scalp with oil. For this, olive oil and almond oil are highly recommended. You can apply them separately or you can mix them in equal parts and apply them together as well. Just make sure that the oil is warm when you apply it. Ideally you should apply and keep the oil overnight before you shampoo your hair. But if that is not possible, then apply the oil at least two hours before you shampoo your hair. Oil your hair at least thrice a week for better growth. Another oil that is highly beneficial for hair growth is the Indian gooseberry oil (amla). Unfortunately, this oil is not easily available in grocery stores. To ensure new hair growth you can apply a mixture of one fourth cup onion juice and one whole egg to your scalp. You can shampoo your hair after an hour of applying this mixture. Apply this mixture once every two weeks.

You can also make a hair rinse by soaking fenugreek seeds overnight in water. Next day, drain out the fenugreek seeds and massage the water in your scalp and let it dry. Once it is dry, shampoo your hair, preferably with a mild shampoo. This rinse will not only prevent hair loss but also strengthen your existing hair. You can also apply freshly squeezed coconut milk to your scalp an hour before you shampoo your hair. Last but not the least; increase your intake of folic acid, as it is highly effective in hair growth. Foods that contain folic acid are oranges, leafy green vegetables, beans, sprouts, and cereals.