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Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair, Home Treatment for Hair Loss

Hi, I am Vishal! My hair got thin and I am losing my hair so much, Please advise some home treatment for hair loss tips that helps re-growth of my hair.

Hair thinning and hair loss can be caused by a variety of reasons that include , poor health and nutrition, side effect of certain medication, stress, a reaction to the prolonged use of harsh hair care products, genetics and  improper maintenance of one’s hair. Identifying if any of these causes are affecting your hair growth and hair fall will allow you to better remedy your problem. Therefore, consult your doctor or a dermatologist in order to find out more information and also treatment if needed. Along with the knowledge of your problem and the use of the home remedies mentioned below you should be able to effectively combat hair loss and also stabilize the levels of your hair growth. The first step is massaging your scalp for a couple of minute’s everyday. Do this preferably with oils like coconut or almond. The massaging of our scalp helps stimulate blood flow and hence the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. This helps repair damaged hair and prevents hair loss, it also stimulates hair growth to a small extent.

Another remedy you can try is a combination of rosemary, sage and other herbs. Take some rosemary, budrock, peach leaf, sage and nettle and boil it together. Strain the mixture and store the remaining liquid in a jar and then rise your hair with it. Aloe vera has been used by various ancient cultures to prevent hair loss and aid hair growth. Aloe vera is effective because it balances the ph levels of your scalp and also cleans out the pores. This ensures that your hair stays healthy and hence has a better chance at growing further. An easy preparation is mixing aloe vera gel and a small quantity of wheat germ oil and coconut milk together. Rinse your hair with the mixture for effective results.

Henna or Mehendi is an Indian herb that has natural conditioning properties for hair. It also used to repair damage done to the hair shaft and the cuticle as well. This helps reduce hair loss and make your hair thicker and stronger. In order for your hair to grow it needs to be properly nourished so include a good quantity of carbohydrates, essential fats and protein in your diet. Also include vitamins B, B6, C, A (beta carotene) E, and minerals in your diet. The combined effect will help stimulate your hair growth cycle. Although exercise is not directly related your hair growth, it does improve the flow of blood and oxygen all around the body , this in effect allows a better absorption of nutrients by your scalp and helps strengthen your hair and aid its growth.