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Extremely dry Hair, Treatments for Extremely Dry and Damaged Hair, Remedies for Extremely Dry Hair

My hair is extremely dry. Please suggest me some treatments for extremely dry and damaged hair. I apply coconut oil but it easily gets removed. Please help me out.

Extremely Dry hair indicates that your hair is not getting enough moisture and oil to maintain a normal level of sheen and texture. The reason for this could be washing the hair too often, using strong or even harsh shampoo, living in a dry climate, not eating an adequate diet, handling the hair very roughly, or metabolic imbalance. It is always advisable to consult a trichologist – if for nothing else but to rule out the existence of the metabolic imbalance.

Before you start with any treatment for extremely dry and damaged hair to get rid of the dryness in your hair, you need to stop doing certain common things that cause the hair to become dry. One of them is the daily use of hair dryers and curling or straightening irons. Restrict the use of these only for occasions. Avoid giving your hair any kind of chemical treatment such as perming, permanent hair straightening, and hair coloring. These too tend to make your dry. Start using wooden combs instead of the plastic ones to brush your hair as wooden combs cause less friction. Shampoo your hair only twice a week and not everyday.

To condition your hair the best thing to do is massage oil in your hair regularly. Other remedies for extremely dry and damaged hair is you need to  choose between olive oil and almond or else you can mix both in equal quantities and apply it to the scalp and hair after warming it. For better results, it is advisable to leave the oil overnight in your hair, it will give the oil that much more time to work on the hair. Use a shampoo that is mild and made specifically for dry hair. Another remedy that is highly effective in taking care of dry hair is a mixture of two whole eggs, two tablespoons of olive oil, and one teaspoon of vinegar. The eggs and the oil will provide the required nourishment and moisture to the hair while the vinegar will help to provide the much required shine and remove dandruff, if any. You can also prepare a mixture made of milk cream, olive oil, coconut milk, and lemon juice. This concoction will not only take care of the dryness of your hair but will also make your hair shine. There are a few other important things that you should keep in mind while taking care of extremely dry hair. While shampooing your hair, scrub your hair very gently. Pat your hair dry with the towel for a few minutes and then let it dry naturally. Always condition your hair after each shampoo.