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How to perm a relaxed hair?

Did you know that various really strong chemicals are used in the relaxer that you use? You must remember that the product that you use on your hair to relax it has to penetrate the structure of your hair shaft. It is only the chemical penetrates the hair that it can loosen the curl that is a part of your hair. To change the very nature of your hair and do it effectively it is essential that the relaxer contain really strong chemicals. Naturally enough, the use of such strong chemicals affects the hair. It leaves your hair very weak. In its weakened state your hair is likely to break and can be damaged very easily. The use of the relaxers actually removes the basic strength from the hair and makes it fragile. You hair, after the relaxer that you have used on it, is still very weak. You have not mentioned how long ago you got the hair relaxed and who did it for you. It is recommended that you seek the help of a beauty professional to successfully and effectively use a relaxing technique on your hair. Since the chemicals used in a relaxer are really strong it is imperative that the cream be washed away completely from your hair. Only a professional will be able to do so. Remnants of cream can cause further damage to your hair and continue to drain them of their strength.

If you have recently relaxed your hair, you should wait a little longer.  Give your hair the opportunity and the time to get its strength back so that it can stand up to another treatment. You may be aware that professionals recommend waiting at least four weeks before applying any hair color on relaxed hair. You should consult a professional about your desire to hair perm your recently relaxed hair. Subjecting your hair to another chemical treatment soon after such a major treatment is not recommended. If you decide to get a perm and use the curly perm formula after your hair has been relaxed, this can only increase the risk of breaking your hair. It is generally recommended that you give your hair some time to recover from the effects of the relaxer before you perm it. Otherwise you can wait for the new growth of your hair. As your hair grows long, you can begin cutting the section of hair that has been relaxed. Another option is getting curly hair extensions. Also, if you have used a ‘thio’ type relaxer, then considering a body wave perm after your hair has recovered is possible. However, in case of ‘sodium’ relaxer, this is not possible since the chemicals in this relaxer do not work well with the chemicals in the perm.