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What kind of cloth can be used for waxing? Can you tell me some waxing methods to do at home?

In order to maintain good hygiene, it is always best to use disposable cloths for waxing. This will ensure that there is no chance of any infection spreading as well. However, if you are unable to use or find disposable cloths, then you can use regular cloths. You can buy material for this, or you can use any old clothing you have to tear into strips and make waxing cloths out of it. You merely need to make sure that the cloth is thick and sturdy, and not thin and flimsy. Denim, pure cotton and linens are the best kind of things to use for waxing. These will ensure that all the wax used on your body sticks to them and they will also absorb any extra perspiration at the same time. In order to keep reusing these cloths, you must make sure you clean them properly. The best way to do this would be to boil them in a large container with lots of water. This will ensure that they are sanitized as well. After boiling them, drain out the water and rinse them out with more hot water at least thrice. This will also ensure that all the hair that has come out of your body and has stuck to these cloths will not be left clinging to them.

Home Waxing Tips

There are a couple of ways you can wax at home quite easily and effectively. You can buy ready made wax and use that. Or else you can make your own wax at home. To make your own wax, you would need to take a large quantity of sugar and add enough lime juice to it to simple soak the sugar. This can then be boiled on a low flame till all the sugar has melted. Add a few drops of vinegar to this, and your wax is ready to use. You should use a non-serrated spatula or a butter knife to apply thin layers of wax. Make sure that whatever you use has no sharp edges, or you may cut yourself. Before you apply wax, you must apply a fine dusting of powder to the area you need to wax. This will ensure that there is no moisture before application and the wax will stick to your body better. After you are done, wash off and apply moisturizing lotion to maintain soft and healthy skin. It is preferable to use one with antiseptic properties.