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Regrow Lost Hair for Preventing Baldness

I am 17years old male. My hair thickness has decreased over the last few years. I want to know if I will regain my hair density again? Can you please suggest some hair restoration and thinning hair treatment?

Each hair follicle has three distinct stages which are; growth, rest and loss. After growing to its full capacity, the hair follicle goes into resting stage which lasts for a period of several days and then finally it is shed. During the shedding phase about 50 to a 100 hairs are lost and then the cycle starts all over again. Generally excessive hair loss and hair thinning happens when this process is disrupted. There are a variety of reasons why this process could be disrupted, but there are also a variety of ways in which you can remedy this problem. Hair is actually made up of a kind of protein produced by the body. Therefore the logical answer to strengthening hair is to use external sources of protein. You can begin by washing your hair daily with a protein shampoo. These shampoos contain hydrolyzed animal proteins called thickeners that work by coating the hair shaft and making it about twice as thicker. The shampoo also makes your hair fluffier and hence gives it a fuller appearance. An egg is an easily available source of protein and is also an alternative to shampoo. The process of using an egg to thicken your hair is simple; break one directly over your hair and massage the yolk and the white into your hair for five minutes. Once done, you can wash your hair as usual.

Styling mousse will not only help set your hair better but also give it a fuller look. This is because styling mousse contains resins that coat the hair and thus makes it appear thicker. Mousse also helps raise your hair from the scalp and gives it a fuller look. Apart from these solutions trying out a diet that is rich in fruits, whole grains and vegetables will add to making your hair thicker as, the nutrients supplied by these foods will boost your overall hair growth and strength. Another home remedy that you can try is a mixture of vinegar, milk and eggs. The remedy is widely used and easy to prepare.  Take two eggs and whisk them along with slightly watered down milk. Once ready massage it into your scalp and let it remain there for about five minutes. The next step is to rinse your hair out with vinegar mixed in a little water and then rinse your hair out with fresh water in order to get rid of the scent of vinegar.