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Causes of Sudden Hair Loss, Hair Health Tips and Hair Loss Prevention Tips

I have recently relocated to Bangalore from Mumbai. My hairfall has increased tremendously. My food habits or lifestyle has not changed much though. Can you suggest the causes of sudden or rapid hair loss and remedies to stop hair fall?

Hairfall Control Tips and Hair Health Tips

Moving from a non-coastal place to the coast comes with its own set of problems. Mumbai is a coastal city, and its proximity to the sea makes the weather there very different from that in Bangalore. While Mumbai is a very humid place, Bangalore is relatively dry. This alone will necessitate a certain change in your hair care routine. When faced with damp weather, you should cut back on your conditioner usage. Whether you are using a store bought conditioner or are using oil to condition your hair, you would have to reduce usage if you are living in a humid place. Secondly, Mumbai is also a very highly polluted city. This will also have an effect on your hair. Pollution will necessitate your having to wash your hair more frequently in order to keep it clean. Sometimes, dirt can accumulate in your scalp and this obstructs your scalp from breathing easily. This is also a major cause for hair fall. Clogged pores stop the growth and development of your hair. Eventually, they also fall due to the clogged pores.

It would be better for you to follow few natural hair care tips and make some small changes in your lifestyle and eating habits due to living in a different place with dramatically different climatic conditions. You can up your intake of vitamin A, which is always a good way of promoting better hair health. Carrots in particular are considered to be very useful in maintaining healthier hair. Otherwise, all yellow and red fruits and vegetables contribute towards the growth and better health of your hair. You can also add fenugreek to your diet. It will stop your hair fall very quickly, in as little as a month. If you do not want to eat it, you can simply swallow the seeds with water every night.

If you are using hair oil, you should reduce usage. It is also preferable to only use it overnight, so that its better effects are felt effectively. Leaving oil in your hair for a day or two is not a viable option in a city like Mumbai, particularly if you are going to be venturing out of doors. If all of these hair tips and measures do not help you, you should consult a trichologist. This would be a hair and scalp specialist, who will be able to perhaps prescribe some medicines that you could also take in addition to your daily diet to promote better health of your hair.