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How to Get Long Thick Hair, Stronger Thicker Longer Hair, Longer and Thicker Hair

I want to have thicker and longer hair. Please give me home remedy tips to grow long thick hair.

How to Grow Longer Thicker Hair

There are several hair care tips and home made remedies that you can employ to ensure that your hair becomes thicker and longer. But before we get into that, keep in mind the following points as they are equally essential for long, thick hair. Use only wooden and broad toothed combs to brush your hair. Brush or comb your hair only twice a day, and that too only for a few minutes. After a bath, gently towel-dry your hair. Avoid vigorously rubbing your hair when it is wet. Do not comb your hair when it is wet, let it dry out and then gently remove the tangles for your hair. Moisturize your hair each time you shampoo it. Doing all this will ensure that your hair does not break that easily. You’re your hair regularly. Drink at least around 10-12 litres of water. You will also need to increase your intake of vitamin A. Foods that contain an abundance of vitamin A are oranges, tomatoes, watermelon, peaches, spinach, peas, broccoli, avocado, pumpkin seeds, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, and so on.

Now, let us move on to the other things that you can do to ensure the increase in the length and thickness of your hair. Soak henna powder overnight in fenugreek water. Just before applying it to your scalp and hair, add eggs and lemon juice to the mixture. This works as a natural hair care conditioner that provides nutrition as well to the hair. Do not leave this mixture in your hair for too long as henna is a natural dye that will color your hair reddish brown. A mixture of olive oil and milk cream applied to your scalp and hair will also work wonders. Massage your scalp with warm lavender oil, at least once a week, and leave it on overnight. Add a few raw Indian gooseberries to coconut oil and heat the mixture. When the oil becomes warm, strain out the gooseberries and apply the oil to the scalp. Preferably leave it on overnight for the desired effect. You can also massage your hair with freshly squeezed coconut milk. Apart from this, you can also add henna leaves to warm mustard oil and apply this to your hair and scalp. This will help to improve the blood circulation and consequently help in with the hair growth. You can also apply a paste made up of one teaspoon of powdered black pepper and one teaspoon of powdered lemon seed mixed with olive oil. This will revitalize your hair and help it to grow longer.