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Natural Dandruff Treatments, Strong and Healthy Hair

I am a male aged 24, tonsured my head recently and used to have dandruff and pimples like things in hair - any tips so that I won’t face same problems later when my hair grows?

In order to ensure that your hair does not develop the same problems that you suffered from earlier, it makes sense to start pampering your hair and taking good care of it right from the beginning. Dandruff is visible when you run a comb through your hair. It drifts down to your shoulder and looks like white flakes. The pimple-like bumps that you mention are also variations of dandruff. In some cases, the dandruff manifests itself in the form of small bumps that can also flake away.

You should start giving yourself regular hair massages. Warm oil can work wonders to keep away dandruff. However, you should ensure that you wash your hair properly so that it is really squeaky clean. Dirty hair can result in a return to the dandruff days. You should take the time to find a really good and mild shampoo that will suit you. Harsh shampoos can disturb the balance of the scalp and make it easier for the development of dandruff and related problems. You should also brush your hair regularly, to ensure that it is clean and there is no dandruff.

You can apply a variety of masks on your hair and ensure that it grows strong and healthy with all this. Fenugreek seeds help promote growth even as they reduce dandruff. You will need to soak in a few tablespoons of fenugreek seeds. These can be ground after they have been soaked overnight. The paste can be applied on the hair and the scalp.  Sour yogurt is also very effective in treating dandruff. This too should be worked into the hair and applied on the scalp for it to be effective. Gram flour actually dries the hair and doing this will only make it easier for the dandruff to return to your hair. Therefore it is advisable not to apply gram flour.

Instead you can apply Aloe Vera gel to your hair to ensure very good growth and a very good quality of hair growth. Lemon juice is also very effective in treating dandruff. Ideally you should use the juice that you have squeezed out of a fresh lemon. This should be applied thoroughly to the scalp.. This will stop the itching caused by dandruff. You may need to repeat this treatment several times before it succeeds in getting rid of the entire dandruff. In addition, you can peel and grate one onion. Squeeze it to extract the juice. This juice should be applied to the scalp and left on for an hour. Then it can be washed off.