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How to Make Hair Soft & Straightening and Hair Loss

Hi, my name is Mamta and my problem is my hair is totally lost for hair straightening and they are rough, so tell me what I should do. Please help me!

It seems that you would like some help in making your hair soft and arresting hair loss. Your hair loss and the roughness may be due to heredity. Or else you might have rough hair because you have not taken proper care of it. The pollution that our hair has to be subjected too can also cause it to change its texture and become rough. Since you have recently straightened your hair, the chemicals could have resulted in dry and rough hair. Both pollution and recent hair treatments could be possible causes of the increase in hair fall.

One of the first things you will have to do is to oil your hair regularly. This will also help you to prevent hair fall and ensure that your hair is thick. Coconut oil is generally accepted as the most effective way to oil your hair. Adding some drops of olive oil ensures that your hair fall will be reduced. Use a generous amount of the oil on your hair, using your fingers to rub it into the scalp. Ideally, the oil should be left on overnight so that it can prevent hair loss. But if this not possible, at least keep the oil on for an hour.  You should then use a towel that has been dipped into hot water to wrap around your head. Leave this on for at least fifteen minutes before you shampoo. Beat up the yolks of two raw eggs. Add a cup of normal water to this and continue beating. As you beat the eggs, add two tablespoons of olive oil. You should massage this mixture into your hair. Covering your head after you have applied this makes it more effective. You can wash the egg out of your hair after half an hour.

You can mix equal quantities of vinegar with water. This mixture should be used to rinse out your hair after you have finished shampooing. This will make your hair soft. Using very strong shampoos can also cause your hair to become rough. Harsh chemicals also strip your hair of nutrients and increase hair fall. A mild shampoo will prevent hair fall and keep your hair manageable. You should avoid using very hot water when washing your hair. This will only weaken your hair. Weakened hair tends to break easily and this will cause further hair loss. Instead, you should use lukewarm water.  You can soak a handful of dried gooseberry slices in hot water and use the water to rinse out your hair after your shampoo. Protecting your hair from the elements is another practical way of ensuring that it stays soft. This will also reduce snarls in your hair and ensure that your hair fall is reduced. Always use a scarf to keep your hair tied up.