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The best shampoo and hair oil name!

There are a variety of shampoo and hair oils that are available in the market today. To name a particular type of shampoo is next to impossible as you have not mentioned the type of hair you have. In reality it is not the brand of shampoo that you buy but rather whether the ingredients are beneficial to your hair and its maintenance. Therefore the information below will give a brief description of the ingredients to look for depending on your hair type.

Curly hair: curly hair often tends be coarse or dry, therefore when buying a shampoo for curly hair it is best to purchase the moisturizing creamy variety. The ingredients that are best suited for this hair type are shea butter, nut oils and wheat germ oils. These ingredients are beneficial as they have the capacity to coat the hair shaft and hence trap the moisture in your hair.

Fine hair: fine hair often has the tendency to appear oily faster than other hair types. Therefore if you have fine hair it is best to consider clear shampoos as a hair care option. These kinds of shampoo have a mild detergent in them and can be used on a daily basis. The main ingredient in these shampoos is panthenol. Panthenol is beneficial as it penetrates the hair cuticle and strengthens it thereby reducing the amount of hair breakage.

If you have hair that chemically treated or colored it is generally oily at the scalp but dry at the tips of the hair, therefore the perfect solution for this type of hair is the use of a moisturizing shampoo or a shampoo that carries a normal hair type label. There are many types of oils that are commonly used for hair care and these include coconut oil, almond oil. If you are not satisfied with the use of coconut or almond oil then you can try this homemade hair oil that makes use of a number of essential oils that are beneficial for your hair. Take a spoon of rosemary oil, a spoon of lavender oil, a spoon of basil oil, a spoon of budrock oil and a large spoon of aloe vera gel and mix them together well. Place the mixture in a dark glass bottle and store it. Use the oil to massage your scalp a couple hours before you are going to shampoo your hair. For further information you can also consult a dermatologist or a professional beautician on what the best products to purchase for your hair care needs.