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Semi curly hair styles, Semi Curly Hair Treatment

Hi, I am 18 years old. I got semi curly hair, I like to leave them loose but that doesn’t suit me? Can you help me with any good hair cut or any conditioner which can help me retain good looks?

By semi-curly hair, it is assumed that you refer to hair that is neither straight nor curly. When you have hair of this type, it is usually a good idea to let it grow to mid length. This would make it about as long as four to 12 inches below the shoulder. Hair like yours usually has a tendency to curl up at the ends. So a very sensible hair cut for you would be to cut it in soft waves. Commonly known as a step cut, this hair style will add more volume to your hair and will work at enhancing your curls as well. You can decide which side you will part your hair depending upon how it will look. Try out a side parting as well as a middle parting before you cut your hair. If neither work for you, go for no parting. This will be non committal and neutral. Also make it a point to start cutting your hair in steps, or layers, from around the length of the ear. This way, you will have an abundance of waves and this will give a rich look to your hair.

You can either opt for these semi curly hair styles or you can cut your hair extremely short. If you are not interested in cutting your hair extremely short, then you can work to maintain this hair style and the quality and texture of your hair as well. Using a conditioner is always a step towards better quality of hair for semi curly hair treatment. It will smooth out your hair and will also make it fall better and more richly. But you would have to decide which conditioner to use depending upon your hair type. There are specific conditioners available for specific hair types. Alternately, you can also choose to condition your hair using hair oil. You can oil your hair twice a week and leave the oil on overnight. Wash off with regular shampoo the next morning. In order to keep your hairstyle looking good, remember to brush your hair and not comb it. Brushing will make your hair look better as opposed to combing. You must also remember to brush it out several times a day. This will not only ensure that your hair does not fall everywhere you go, it will also add to the better health of your hair by improving circulation in your scalp. Every now and then, you can also get your hair professionally blow dried to keep it looking good.