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Reversing White Hair, Reverse White Hair and Premature Whitening of Hair

How to convert white hairs into black?

All of us get white hair as our age increases. However, sometimes people get white hair at an early age. These premature whitening of hair is usually caused by heredity. In some cases the use of very strong chemicals in hair dyes or hair treatment can also cause the hair to turn prematurely grey. You can try a variety of remedies to reverse your white hair black. The Indian gooseberry is one of the most effective ways to treat and reverse white hair. Eating gooseberry regularly can help you be healthy and help your hair look glossy and healthy. You can also dry the slices of gooseberry and store these. Once every week you can soak these in boiling hot water and leave them overnight. In the morning you can mash the gooseberry slices before discarding them and then use the water to wash your hair.

Gooseberry oil is also very effective in generating hair growth and making your hair healthy. You can heat two cups of coconut oil. Drop in the dried slices of the gooseberry into this and boil it. As you boil you will notice that the gooseberry slices become black and appear charred. This is the right stage to turn off the heat. The charred pieces of gooseberry can be discarded since they are of no use now and the oil can be massaged regularly into the hair. If you find these remedies difficult to follow, you can simply buy some powdered gooseberry. Three tablespoons of this can be boiled in half a cup of water. This will need to be left on overnight for it to be ready for the next morning. Applied on the hair and massaged into the scalp, this can be left on for at least an hour.   

You can also use an infusion made of sage to darken your hair. You will need some dried sage for this. Place this in a glass or ceramic bowl and the pour a cup or so of boiling water over it. Cover it with a plate and leave it for some time. You will need to strain this and store it in a glass bottle. The best way to use this is to spray it into your hair. You will need to pour it into a spray bottle and then spray it into your hair. Do it as often as possible and in a few days you will notice the change in your hair color.