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Reverse Grey Hair in Children

My daughter is nine and son is five both have premature greying hair condition - their diet looks healthy in every way, what should be done?

Premature greying is a problem that can usually be traced to reasons of heredity. If premature greying is something that runs in your family, then your children have probably got it that way. Sometimes using cosmetics which contain harsh chemicals can also play havoc with the natural colour and texture of hair. You should consult your family doctor. He will be able to help you find possible reasons for the premature graying of your children’s hair and treatment for reversing grey hair of your kids.

In the meanwhile, you can try some simple home remedies to reverse grey hair in children. Indian gooseberry is very effective in turning hair black and keeping it looking shiny and healthy. You can find Indian gooseberry in an ethnic store. If you find the dried pieces of Indian gooseberry, you can use it to make medicated oil. Heat about four cups of coconut oil in a thick bottomed vessel. Add the pieces of dried Indian gooseberry and let it boil till the pieces are charred. Remove the pieces and store the oil after it has cooled. You can use this to massage your children’s scalps. Warm the oil a little before you massage it into their head. Try to ensure that the oil stays in their hair for at least an hour before you wash their hair. The dried pieces of Indian gooseberry can also be used to wash your hair. Soak a handful of the dried pieces in a cup of boiling water. Leave this overnight. In the morning, squeeze the pieces and then discard them. You can use the water to rinse out your children’s hair. Regular use of these remedies can help your children’s hair to turn back to their original colour.

If you manage to find powdered gooseberry then you can use this too. Measure out four tablespoons of this powder into a cup of water and boil till it is reduced. Leave this overnight. In the morning apply this paste on the hair and leave on for at least an hour. After an hour wash it off with lukewarm water. Eating gooseberry is also effective in keeping hair looking healthy. Almond oil is also effective in reducing the graying of hair. Buy pure almond oil and warm it before you massage it into the scalps of your children. A good diet can also help hair to regain its lost colour. A good diet implies a well balanced one- with sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts. You should ensure that your children do not consume food that contains white flour, sugar or dairy products like cheese. All these can be very detrimental to the health of your children and could be the reason to explain the greying hair.