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Hair Straightening Tips and Repair Dry Damaged Hair

I straighten my hair every day and it's damaged! Are there any home treatments that could help?

The first thing you are doing wrong is straightening it everyday. This practice in the long run will ultimately be detrimental to your hair’s health and appearance. However if your reasons are well justified then follow these tips to ensure minimum damage to your hair when you straighten it. The first step to keep in mind is to never attempt to straighten your hair when it’s wet. The result will be burnt damaged hair. Along with making sure your hair is dry you can also reduce damage by using a thermal protection hair product that is very easily available at most cosmetic or beauty stores. If you hair is short then begin straightening it from the top of your head, but if your hair is medium or long then you should ideally start from the back of your head. Make sure to insert a comb into the section of hair just above the scalp, thus when straightening that particular section, the comb will prevent your scalp from getting burnt with the iron.  

Keeping in mind the above mentioned tips you can use these home remedies to repair your damaged hair. Cover the entire area of your hair with mayonnaise and leave it on overnight. In the morning rinse it off well. Another remedy that you can try is a mixture of honey and eggs, massaged in to your hair a period of ten minutes and then washed. If you’re not satisfied with these options then take an egg and separate it form the yolk. Put the removed yolk into a mixer or blender along with a little water and mix until it is smooth and consistent. Whip the whites and add it to the smoothened yolk. Now wash your hair with hot water and apply the concoction to your hair. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes to a half hour and then wash out your hair with cold water. Coconut oil is another effective solution for your damaged hair. First rinse your hair with warm water and then apply the oil to your hair. Wrap a towel or plastic hair bag around your hair and allow it to remain like that for as long as possible. If possible leave it on overnight and then shampoo your hair the next morning to get rid of the stickiness. Avocado is also helpful in nourishing hair as it contains proteins. All you have to do is take a peeled and mashed avocado and mix it with hair oil. Apply this to your hair and then wash it out afterwards.