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Remove Hair Coloring, How to Remove Hair Highlights, Lighten Hair Shade Color

I had my hair highlighted 2 weeks ago but the color used with highlighter now looks 'brassy' is there anything I can use to tone this down?

This is a common problem that people face when they color their hair. A color that suits one person need not suit another person or even look the same.  The highlighter that you used in your hair has reacted badly and you are now disappointed with the brassy shade that your hair sports. You can try washing your hair several times, to see if the brassy shade will be reduced. You can use a generous amount of warm coconut oil to massage your hair. Leave the oil on for at least an hour and then wash it off with your regular shampoo. Following these hair tips twice or thrice may have the desired effect and the brassy tones in your hair may look toned down and therefore more natural.    

I am afraid you will need to get a hair low-lighting done on your hair. Low-lighting is the technique where you use a darker shade of hair color on the strands of hair that you have previously highlighted. This technique adds depth to the hair that has been lightened a couple of shades more than is necessary. However, this is a technique that you should leave to the hair stylists. And if you are determined to lowlight your hair, I would suggest visiting a good hair stylist who will work on the brassy tone of your hair and subdue it.