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Premature graying of Hair and Herbs for Gray Hair Treatment

I am 30 years old male. I have gray hair on my scalp and beard. What is the remedy for it? Can you help me out with the solution for my problem?

Hair follicles are small pouches under the scalp that are not only responsible for hair growth and loss but also the release of the pigment melanin in the hair shaft. This pigment is what is responsible for the color of our hair. Therefore when the follicles, stop producing pigments the hair loses its color and turns white. Sometimes only a little pigment is released and the resulting effect is a dilution of black and white causing the hair to go grey. Normally this process starts after a person starts nearing the latter stage in life. However when this occurs in an earlier in a person's life it is known as premature graying. Premature graying can be attributed to a number of factors like a bad diet, excessive stress, lack of certain vitamins and iron and copper in one's diet, low levels of hygiene and also due to certain diseases however, the main cause for premature graying is genetic. Though the problems appear quite inconvenient the solution is easy and the grey hair will eventually fall out. Therefore by taking a couple of preventive measures and following certain diet recommendations you can ensure that the amount of grey hair regenerated on your scalp is reduced.

Gray Hair Remedy and Gray Hair Prevention

Let's first begin with a proper diet. Sometimes a reduced level of melanin production is caused due a lack of minerals in one's diet. Copper is one such important mineral and consuming foods like crabs, cashews and oysters will help build up your copper intake. Along with this you should consume a good amount of iron and iodine which can also be found in seafood. If you do not consume certain fish then an ample amount of iron and iodine can be found in carrots, bananas and some other fruits and vegetables. An excellent way to stop premature graying is consuming a large amount of yoghurt along with a tablespoon of yeast before every meal that you are going to consume. Indian gooseberry is very effective in combating premature graying and has been in use for a long time as a remedy. Take a spoon of the gooseberry juice and mix it with a couple of drops of lemon juice and a small spoon almond oil. Apply the mixture to your hair every night for effective results. Butter made from cow's milk is also very beneficial and should be applied to the roots of the hair at least once a week.