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Can someone please advice on how to reduce hair loss?

In order to stop losing hair, it is important for you to first determine what the cause of your hair loss is. Sometimes, it is as simple as changing a thing or two here or there to take care of the situation. One of the leading causes of hair loss is stress and tension of any kind. It could be work related or personal issues; it does not make a difference. You will lose hair in any case nevertheless. Most of the time, people ignore the connection between stress and hair problems, since there is no obvious connection that can be seen or felt. But this is an extremely important factor. In order to release stress from your routine and life, it is important that you adopt something that will help you to get rid of your tensions. This could be something as simple as a regular routine of exercise in your daily activities. A short brisk walk, a yoga session, an aerobic class, or simple dancing to music of your own choice can work wonders at stress busting. The other advantage is that exercise will make you perspire. This will open your pores and add vigor and a rose health to both your skin and hair.

Otherwise, in order to reduce hair fall, you can inculcate a routine of applying hair oil twice a week to your hair and scalp. This will help your hair grow faster as well as strength and shine to your hair. You may use castor oil, coconut oil, lavender or olive oil. All of them will work effectively and well to treat your hair and make it stronger, castor oil, in particular, will also prevent hair loss. Once a week, you can also apply a hair pack. Make this with made of a cup of yogurt into which a tablespoon of black gram powder and a few drops of lime juice have been thrown in. leave it in your hair for about an hour and then You can leave this on for an hour and then wash as you usually would. Remember to rinse a thoroughly, otherwise the flour will leave residues in your hair. Keep in mind that if you are using hair dryers and irons extensively, then too you will lose hair on a large scale. You should avoid usage as far as possible for maintaining the strength of your hair. Remember not to comb wet hair, as this leads to breakage.