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Plant Shampoo Recipe, Plant Based Shampoo for Hair Loss, Herbal Shampoos for Hair

What are the alternative ingredients for shampoo that also has a plant? And, what kind of a plant?

Natural Herbal Shampoos for Hair

By your question, it would seem that you are looking either for a plant based shampoo as an alternative to use instead of shampoo, or a shampoo that has plant elements in it – such as homemade herbal shampoos. In either case, there are plenty of options available to you. In some ancient cultures, herbs were actually mixed with a paste of other ingredients and used to wash out hair regularly. This, of course, was at a time when shampoos were unheard of. The most popular choice of herb used to wash hair is Soapnut powder. This is a fruit of the Soapnut tree which actually produces a rich lather when soaked. It should be left to soak for a couple of hours and then the water can be used to wash out hair properly. Another herb of choice is the Indian herb, Acacia concinna. This is actually an active ingredient in a variety of shampoos that promise healthy and rich hair as well. This herb can also be powdered and used to wash hair. It would have to be mixed in with some sandalwood powder and will wash hair out to give you a squeaky clean scalp. Acacia concinna is also well known for its property to add to the richness of the texture of your hair. It will help to thicken your hair by adding to growth and will also make your hair strands stronger.

Both of these herbs serve as shampoos in themselves, but they can also have some additions which will make both of their impact greater. Soapnut powder can be added to both to add to the richness of your hair. Soapnut powder is also known for its property of adding to the general health of your hair. Sandalwood powder can also be added to both of the herbal concoctions for better effect. The ancient belief behind this particular addition is that it will also help to cool down the temperature of your scalp, thus leading to a cooler temperament. How far this is true is a large question mark, since scientific research has not yet examined this possibility. If you are looking for a shampoo that has plant elements in it, then you should look out for shampoos that have any or all of the ingredients listed above. In addition to these, you can also look for aloe vera based shampoos. These are supposed to be very beneficial for your hair and scalp as well. Jojoba is yet another herb that is considered to be good for your hair.