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Natural Cures for Dandruff Problems, Regrow Lost Hair

I am facing a problem of thinning of hair as well as dandruff problems and hairfall. How can I regrow my hair within few days? Suggest me things that are easily available at home.

If you notice that white flakes drift out of your hair when you run a comb through it, then you are suffering from dandruff. It is dandruff which causes the hair loss and makes your hair look thin. You can help get your hair back to normal if you get rid of the dandruff in your hair. Regular oil massage is accepted as an effective treatment to treat dandruff. You can use warmed coconut oil to massage your scalp and hair. However, you should ensure that the oil is completely washed out of your hair. Try to avoid using shampoos which are very harsh since these will work adversely on your hair and scalp. A mild shampoo should be used.

You can also apply really sour yogurt on your scalp to reduce dandruff. If the yogurt is not sour enough, you should simply leave it out at night and then use it. Rub it into your scalp, especially in the sections where you have dandruff. For the yogurt to be really effective, it is essential that it be allowed to stay on in the hair for at least an hour. After this you can wash it off. Repeat this at regular intervals. A paste made of fenugreek seeds is believed to be the most effective cure for this problem. You will need to soak a handful of fenugreek seeds over night. In the morning make a paste of the soaked seeds using small quantities of water. This paste should be applied on the hair and the scalp.

Application of Lemon juice on the scalp, especially the affected parts of your scalp, is another effective remedy for dandruff. You can also apply the juice of one lemon, mixed with the juice of Indian gooseberry on your scalp at bedtime. Allow this to work on your scalp during the night and wash it off in the morning. In addition to these various remedies that require external application, it is absolutely essential that you follow a strict diet. You should completely cut down on your intake of tea and coffee. Fruits like bananas and citrus fruits and also tinned fruits should be completely avoided. You should stay away from meats of any kinds, processed food, food items that contain white flour and instead, stick to a light vegetarian diet. Your hair should always be squeaky clean to prevent the beginning of dandruff. You should ensure that you brush your hair regularly in order to enhance the circulation and make it healthy. You can bend forward at the waist and brush your hair vigorously for it to look healthy.