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Regrow Hair Naturally, Remedies to Regrow Hair, Oil Makes Your Hair Grow

I am a 19 years girl and used to have thick silky hair but for the last 2 years my hair has been falling rapidly and thickness is half of before and has also lost the healthy look. Please suggest proven measures to promote hair regrowth.

Remedies for Regrowing Hair and Thin Hair Treatment

At the age of 19 you should not be losing any hair at all, let alone losing almost half of it. Such a rapid loss of hair could be due to either internal reasons, such as stress and illness or due to external factors, such as environment and hygiene. It is always advisable to consult a trichologist (an expert on hair and scalp care) to find out what these reasons are. This is the first and the most important step that you should take if you want to stop further hair loss. While you do this, there are a few things that you can do at home that will help you grow your hair and bring back its healthy look.

Start off by oiling your hair on a regular basis. If you are oiling your hair at least thrice a week, use three different oils on the three different days – use olive oil on the first day, almond oil on the second day, and castor oil on the third day. Preferably apply the oil and keep it overnight so that the oil has more time to work on the roots. The next day you can apply a pack to the oiled hair as well. This pack should be a mixture of one whole egg, two teaspoons of black gram flour, six drops of lime juice, and four tablespoons of unflavored yogurt. Mix the pack evenly and apply it to your scalp and leave it on for two hours before you wash it off. You can also apply freshly squeezed onion juice to your scalp. Even though it smells, onions have the properties that help in growing new hair.

To get back the shine and healthy look of your hair, try and get hold of the roots of a plant named black cohosh. Boil these roots in water, and after cooling down, apply this water to your scalp and hair for lustrous hair. You can also use beer to rinse your hair. Even though it has a strong odor, beer makes the hair look shiner and more lustrous apart from making it stronger. Apart from this you should comb you hair at least thrice a day. Combing massages your scalp, thereby increasing the blood circulation in the scalp. Increased blood circulation will ensure increased hair growth. Use wide-toothed combs instead of small ones. Also make sure that your daily diet includes foods that contain vitamin B or B complex, folic acid, and cooper. These will help in the growth of your hair.