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Maintaining Curly Hair, How to maintain curly hair, Hair Treatment for Split Ends

How to maintain curly hairs? How do I manage split ends in my front hair?

Maintaining curly hair is quite simple and very much similar to maintaining any other kind of hair as well. You would have to follow a proper routine of hair care and maintenance to ensure that your hair remains healthy and well cared for, and thus looks its best. It is essential that your hair be well moisturized and nourished for your curls to fall well and appear to the best of their advantage. This would require you to condition your hair regularly. Make it a point to condition your hair at least twice a week. You can use store bought conditioner for this purpose. Alternately, you can also apply hair oil and leave it overnight for better results. This can be washed off the next morning as usual.

To ensure that your hair remains perfectly healthy, you should also try to apply a hair pack to your hair once a month. This will ascertain better health. You can make a hair pack using a mix of equal parts of yogurt, egg and milk. Leave this on for at least an hour or two before washing off as usual. It is a good idea to let your hair air dry if it is curly. Unlike straight hair, which requires slight blow drying, curly hair can be left to dry out on its own. This will also add bounce to your hair, thus adding to your looks.

Hair Treatment for Split Ends

By front splits, it is assumed that you mean that the front part of your hair has split ends that need to be taken care of. The best remedy for split ends is a pair of scissors – they need to be cut off. This would be the best way to get rid of them. If only the front part of your hair has splits, then you should trim only the front part of your hair regularly. Also, while applying the hair pack, pay special attention to the hair that is afflicted with split ends. Even when you oil your hair, make it a point to apply oil all the way down the strands of the weaker part of your hair. This will ensure it gets maximum nutrition and prevent it from splitting down the middle. Hair splits when it becomes overly dry and undernourished, and you can prevent this by nourishing your hair properly. If you follow these simple methods regularly, your hair will be beautiful as well as healthy.