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Long Hair Care Tips

Taking care of a long hair style is a lot more complicated than what other people who sport shorter manes might think.  If you really want long hair that is healthy and shiny, you must apply long hair care methods that are sure to work. 

Here are long hair care tips that you could follow to get that nice-looking long hair style that you want:

Tips on How to Care for Your Long Hair

Hair Trimming

  • You should have your hair trimmed every three months if you intend to grow your long hair further.  This is to make sure that split ends are eliminated for your hair to retain its healthy luster.  If you think that the length of your hair now is just enough, you should still have it trimmed at least once every two months for maintenance.

Brushing Your Hair

  • Brushing the hair is very important to long hair care.  Brushing spreads the oils of your hair to its entire length.  Be sure to use long brush strokes, starting from the roots to the tips.  

On Braiding or Wearing Long Hair in a Ponytail

  • Tight braids and ponytails can cause hair loss or breakage. If you should wear your long hair in a braid or ponytail, don’t make it too tight.  
  • You should also remember not to use untreated bands in tying your hair.  Use a scrunchie or a treated band to prevent hair breakage instead.

Untangling Long Hair Style

  • Never use a brush to untangle your hair as it could stretch and break your hair strands. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb in untangling your hair.
  • Work on one hair section at a time, when untangling your hair.  Go at it from roots to tips.  Be extra gentle untangling; don’t pull down hard, to prevent unnecessary stretching on your hair.
  • For easier drying and styling of long hair, keep in mind to untangle it before washing.  This also lessens the tangles and knots after washing.
  • If you don’t want tangly hair, make sure that you just blot the water from your long hair instead of rubbing them together upon drying.

Sleeping with Long Hair

  • Your long hair can break off even when you are asleep.  Your tossing and turning could result in your hair getting caught on your pillowcases, especially if they are made of cotton.  Use pillowcases made of satin or silk as you hair will just slide on these fabrics.
  • Another way for you to prevent hair fall or breakage while sleeping is to loosely tie your hair in a ponytail up on your head with a treated band or a scrunchie.
  • If you don’t have a satin or silk pillowcase, then you could wear a scarf of the same fabrics on your hair before you sleep.