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Ways to Lighten Hair Color Naturally

I have put permanent hair color. It is not looking graceful. It is too dark. How can I lighten it?

The best way to lighten dark hair color on your hair is to shampoo it. Make sure to shampoo your hair at least five times in one go and then check the color. Make sure to blow dry your hair before your start to shampoo it again as, wet hair naturally makes the color seem darker. If this does not work then try washing it out with lemon juice. The acidic content in the lemon juice will help strip the excess color from your hair. You will have to do this a number of times before you check for how much color has actually faded from your hair.

Lighten Color Treated Hair and Lighten Permanent Hair Color

If in spite of this your hair color refuses to lighten up then purchase a spray meant for lightning hair. Use the hair spray all over your head and after a couple of minutes you will start to notice the effects. Keep reapplying the product as your hair starts to dry out and continue doing so until you are satisfied with the decrease in the dark color. However be prudent about the application by making sure not to over do it. These sprays have the capacity to damage hair when abused, as they build up heat.