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Get Rid of Nose Hair, Removing Nose Hair, Hair On My Nose

Hello! I have a problem of hairs growing on my nose surface. It looks too odd. Is there a permanent solution for this? How can I stop the growth of hair on my nose skin? Please help to get rid of hair on my nose!

How to Remove Nose Hair

Once hair starts growing on the surface of your skin, there is very little you can actually do to stop it. It is very rare for nature to reverse its processes until such time as your hair root and follicle has lived out its lifetime, just the way it is very difficult to get hair to grow once again if it has stopped growing. You can use effective hair removing methods to take care of this somewhat embarrassing problem, however. Using a hair removing agent would be the least painful on a sensitive surface such as your nose. But before you do that, you must test out a patch of the cream on your inner elbow to ensure that you are not allergic or reacting adversely to it.

Waxing could also help you. But you should keep in mind that waxing is a painful method to remove hair from any part of your anatomy. So if you are prepared to handle a certain amount of pain and discomfort, then this is a good method to employ. Since the nose is an area that is generously endowed with sweat glands, you should powder your nose before you set about waxing it. This will make the procedure less tedious. The other alternative you have to removing your facial hair is to bleach it out of sight. This method, however, would depend upon how long and thick the facial hair actually is. For excessively long and thick hair, bleaching does not prove to be a viable option. Coarse hairs do not generally succumb to the color changing properties of bleach, and they will not fade away as they should. You can use any store bought bleach for this purpose. A reasonably mild hydrogen peroxide based bleach will work very well and effectively for this purpose.

There are also a couple of home remedies you can adopt to take care of removing the hair and smoothing out your skin as well. Lime juice, a natural bleach, can be applied to the area frequently to lighten the color of the hair and skin. Make a small ball of dough and dip it in oil to massage your nose with. This will help to gently pull out the hairs and smoothen the surface of your skin at the same time. This is also a method that can remove excessive hair from the roots if followed diligently for a long period of time.