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Hair Removal on the Face, How to Remove Hair on Face, Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

How to remove hairs on face by natural ways?

Tips to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair on Face

You should know that some amount of facial hair growth is quite normal and really nothing to be worried about. There are primarily two types of hair, primary and secondary. Primary hair is coarse and thick, and is mostly found in the pubic area, underarms, head, and in men, on the beard and moustache. Secondary hair is fine and downy and covers almost the entire body. For females, facial hair is mostly secondary, unless there is some sort of problem which leads to eruption of primary hair in unusual places such as the chin, upper lip or cheeks. You should know that once primary hair has begun to grow out, it is very difficult to reverse the procedure and kill the roots. Of course there are ways such as laser treatments and surgeries you can use to remove the hair from the roots completely.

However, if you are interested in employing natural ways to get rid of your hair, there are those available too. One of the easiest ways to remove facial hair is to wax it off. This is a very effective, safe and hygienic method of getting rid of facial hair. It will also add to the glow on your face by removing the top layer of dead skin. Of course it will also mean that you would have to maintain this process and do it regularly, lest your hair regrow and look worse. It is a good idea to powder your face before waxing it, as powder will absorb any perspiration on your face, thus making it easier to get all the hair out at one go.

Make a mixture of equal parts of lime juice and hydrogen peroxide and rose water. This can be applied and left on your face. It will bleach the particularly dark hair and fade it away. You can use bleach to fade away hair if you don’t have time to adopt any other method. This will also ensure that your face is clear for an entire month, sometimes even more. You can also use a few home remedies to remove the hair and even out your skin both at the same time. Use a small ball of freshly kneaded dough, made with any kind of flour and use this to gently rub your face. This will remove the hair from your face slowly and gradually. If this process hurts, you can dip the ball in any kind of oil and then rub it all over your face.