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Regain Lost Hair, Controlling Dandruff, Hair Loss Home Treatment

I am suffering from hair fall and dandruff. I want to know how I could regain my hairs which I have lost.

You have mentioned two problems related to your hair – dandruff and hair fall. You will be surprised to know that these problems are actually linked. You are losing hair because of the dandruff in your hair. You need to take good care of your hair and give it some much needed pampering to get it looking healthy. You will first have to get rid of the dandruff and then the hair loss will stop. In the busy lives that we lead these days, it is difficult to find the time to actually take care of one’s hair. The pollutants in the air, the grime that accumulates in our hair all result in the development of dandruff. Since we neglect our hair, this naturally results in weakened hair. Hair that is weak and lacking in the necessary nutrients is more likely to fall out. This kind of hair will also look undernourished, dull and lifeless.

It is generally accepted that giving your hair a good massage using warm coconut oil is the best that you can do. Although a weekly massage is fine, if you can find the time to massage your hair more than once a week, you should do it. A mixture of olive oil and coconut oil is also recommended. Use the tips of your hair when you massage your hair with the oil. Leave this oil on for at least an hour before you shampoo it out of your hair. On the matter of shampoo you should stop using shampoos blindly. Most shampoos available in the market today contain large amounts of chemicals. These chemicals are very harsh on your hair and cause it to weaken.

You can leave some yogurt out over night and then use this on your hair. Rub this into your hair massaging it into your scalp the way you massage the oil. Leave this on your hair for at least half an hour before you wash it off. This will help reduce the dandruff. You can also soak three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. In the morning you can grind this and apply the ground fenugreek seeds to your hair and scalp. This can be left on your hair for an hour and should then be washed off. You can use the freshly squeezed juice of a lime to rinse your hair after you finish shampooing it.  You can also mix cider vinegar with an equal quantity of water and apply this on your scalp. You should, however, use a clean cotton swab to do this instead of your fingers.