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Treat Dark Colored Lips and Lighten Dark Lips

Lightening Dark Lips


My lips are dark but my complexion is not dark. What should I use to lighten my dark lips in a natural way?

Very often people who have very light skin also have dark lips. This does look odd and also causes a great deal of embarrassment to the person. There are also people whose upper lip is pink but the lower lip is dark or the vice versa. Any of these conditions can make you very self conscious and it is natural to want to lighten dark lips. Lemon is one of the most well known and effective ways of bleaching your skin. You can use the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and apply this on your lips. The best thing about lemon juice is that it can be kept on overnight. Almond oil is another such product. It works very well overnight and helps lighten the dark colored skin on your lips. You can mix a few drops of lemon juice to the almond oil and then apply on your lips. Glycerin can also be applied on dark lips, in order to lighten dark lip color.  You can mix a few drops of honey to the glycerin and then apply on the lips.

Very often the darkness of lips is caused because you have used cosmetics which are old. If your lipstick is past the expiry date, then it is not advisable to use this on your lips. Sometimes people who smoke develop dark skin over their lips. If you are a smoker should consider cutting down on smoking or even completely giving up this habit. It is generally believed that drinking tea and coffee can cause the skin of the lips to darken. If you are addicted to these beverages you can consider cutting down on your intake of tea and coffee.

Almonds can help reduce the dark color of your lips. You will have to soak three almonds overnight in some water. Grind these to a fine paste in the morning. You can then add a few drops of milk and a few drops of lemon juice. This paste should be applied regularly to the lips. You can also apply some milk cream to ensure that your lips stay moisturized. Unsalted butter is another good option when you want to moisturize your lips. Coconut oil can also be applied to the lips at bedtime, for best results. If you notice any black spots on your lips or any other discoloration, it is advisable to see your doctor at the very earliest.