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How to Grow Thick Hair, How to Grow Long and Healthy Hair, How to Grow Long Thick Hair

What all should we eat to keep our hair thick and black?

Grow Long Thick and Healthy Hair

All of us aspire to have long and thick hair, shining with health and vitality. However, a variety of reasons come in the way of our achieving our dreams. For one thing we rarely find the time to actually take care of our hair or skin. As a result of our busy schedules our hair and the care of this takes a back seat. Also, the heat, dust and pollution all act on our hair and result in hair loss. However, getting thick and shiny black hair is not so difficult.  All it requires is following a regular schedule. Getting your hair looking thick and healthy requires some committed and regular steps, followed over a long period of time.    

For instance you can ensure that your hair looks good by changing your food habits. You should ensure that you eat a diet that includes green leafy vegetables, mango, plenty of carrots, soybean, sprouts, lentils, whole grain cereals of various kinds. In addition to this you should also ensure that food products like yogurt, milk, wheat germ, yeast and buttermilk are consumed every single day. You should eat regular meals during the day. You should have a very regular lifestyle and ensure that you go to bed on time and allow yourself the opportunity to get adequate sleep. When you are stressed this can adversely affect your hair. This will lead to dull, lifeless hair which falls out in large numbers. That is why, it is advisable to practice some simple breathing exercises and learn some meditation.

In addition to a good well-balanced diet, you should also take some steps to take care of your hair. Oiling your hair is one of the first things that you should start doing. After you have oiled your hair with warm coconut oil, you should leave it on your hair for a few hours. Leaving it on overnight will work wonders for your hair. When washing your hair remember to use only lukewarm water since hot water can harm your hair and cause it to fall. Never comb your hair when it is wet since hair tends to break easily when it is wet. Instead, you can untangle the hair by running your fingers through your hair and then wait for it to dry before you comb it. Your shampoo should be a mild cleanser rather than a strong one. A strong shampoo will harm your hair and the chemicals it contains will come in the way of healthy shiny black hair.