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Tips to reverse gray hair with home remedy for premature graying of hair with lemon juice and warm coconut oil

I am 19 years old with lots of gray hair - I commonly dye my hair, can you suggest me any thing by which I can make them dark please?

Gray hair could be as a result of the cosmetics that you have been using. This could also be heredity and all the members of your family may be suffering from a similar problem. Whatever the reason, premature gray hair can be very embarrassing and can make you self conscious about your looks. One of the first things that you should do to reverse gray hair is to ensure that your diet is healthy. Our hair, like the rest of our body, reflects the food that we eat. If your diet consists of mainly fast food then your skin and your hair will reflect this. You should eat well balanced meals. Your meals should include fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid drinking coffee and tea in excess and stay away from carbonated drinks. Instead drink unsweetened fruit juices and diluted buttermilk. Ensure that you keep regular hours and that you get at least eight hours of sleep. Stress is another possible reason for premature graying of hair and so you should ensure that you are not stressed. You should try to practice some meditation techniques which will help you feel calm. Regular physical exercise will also help you remain healthy.

As part of home remedies for graying hair you can massage the juice of one lemon into your hair. Leave this on for half an hour. After this you can massage warm coconut oil on your scalp. This should be left on for an hour before it is washed. Avoid using very strong shampoos since these invariably contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals can harm your hair. Instead you can use some gentle, herbal shampoo that suits your hair. You can also use Aloe Vera gel on your hair. This promotes hair growth and keeps your hair looking healthy.  You can also use henna on your hair once a month to keep it looking healthy. Mix four to five tablespoons of henna with two tablespoon of yogurt, a paste made of ground fenugreek seeds and apply on your scalp. Indian gooseberry can be used in a variety of ways to keep your hair looking health. Indian gooseberry, when used over a period of time also helps your hair turn black. You can use dried pieces of Indian gooseberry to make a oil by adding it to boiling coconut oil. When the pieces of gooseberry are burnt you can remove them and use the oil regularly to massage your hair and scalp.  Gooseberries can also be eaten regularly and help turn the hair black.