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Cure for Hair Loss in Women, Hairloss Cure, Remedy for Hairloss in Women

Hi! I am a 19 year old girl. It’s been 4 years now that I am losing hair. I had thick hair earlier. I don’t know why I am losing hair at this rapid rate? I am very tensed, please suggest me what all I should do for hairloss cure?

Treatment for Hair Loss for Women

There can be a variety of causes to explain hair loss. Although we all lose some amount of hair every single day of our lives, it is very depressing to notice that large amount of our hair is falling out or else coming out each time we run a comb through it. With the amount of pollution in the air, it is hardly surprising that the quality and thickness of our hair is so bad. In addition to this our busy schedules means we hardly have the time to do anything for our hair other than give it the occasional shampoo. Another possible cause for hair to fall is tension. You have mentioned that you are tensed. Are you aware of the havoc this plays with your skin and hair? One of the first things that you need to do is to learn to relax. You should learn to take things easy and not get wound up at small problems. Some kind of regular exercise or breathing exercise is necessary to ensure that you are not always stressed.

Taking care of your hair can start from learning to cover it. Always use a large handkerchief or a scarf to tie around your hair. This will keep your hair safe from the affects of the sun. Eat food that has plenty of nutrients. You should eat fruits, vegetables, fish, and fruit juices. All these are good for you and you will benefit by eating these. Include a regular weekly massage of your hair with warmed oil a part of your regular schedule. This will strengthen your hair and help it grow quickly. After you have given yourself a good massage using the tips of your fingers to massage the oil in, you should apply some Aloe Vera juice to the hair. You can wash this off later. If you can find the juice of Aloe Vera, you should consume it every single day. This will make your hair stronger and thicker.

You should also avoid using strong shampoos since this can affect the growth of your hair. Instead you should use mild shampoos. Avoid using very hot water when shampooing your hair. This can cause the roots to become weak and the hair to break off easily. Similarly you should remember that wet hair is very fragile and can break very easily. Instead you should use your fingers to untangle your hair and then, when your hair is a little drier, comb it.