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Is it safe to go for hair weaving? What does this treatment cost and is there any hair weaving salon in Delhi?

Hair weaving is a process used to combat unnatural hair loss or damage and involves the weaving or braiding of synthetic hair into a person’s already present natural hair. The process is also known as hair integration. The procedure gets its name from the fact that the hair extension is woven into corn rowed hair. The best quality hair that is used for hair weaving is virgin hair and it is hair that has never been processed. Hair weaving treatment can involve the use of a variety of hair types that range from European to Indian hair and these extensions can be chemically processed in order to produce a different texture or hair tone. This allows the wearer to use a variety of hair textures, with out the difficult process of having to use chemical treatment on the person’s natural hair. However if you do not take care of the extensions it can cause damage to both the extension and your natural hair. Among the above mentioned advantages, hair weaving is also a completely chemical free process and the hair extensions can be removed, tightened, restyled and then sown back into your natural hair.
The disadvantages however include the fact that the extension may be become uncomfortable after prolonged use and they also tend to put a strain on the scalp. The hair treatment is more suited for people who have thicker hair as the points where the extensions are woven on to the hair tend to form a bulge which can be noticeable on thinner hair types. The chances of purchasing low quality extensions are high and this mistake may cause further damage than help for your hair. The hair once weaved lasts for a period of about two or three months after which it needs a replacement. The treatment costs for hair weaving depends on the factors like the amount of weaving that needs to be done , the type of hair extension that is required to be purchased and  the cost of the actual procedure itself. This estimate is best found out from a beautician or the place where you are going to get the procedure done. As for where you can get it done, consult a trichologist for further information on the procedure. You will also be able to get information from the World Wide Web. There are a number of sites that provide information on hair weaving and where you can get it done.