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Hair Growth Inhibitors

Hair inhibitors are specially formulated to stop unwanted hair growth. They are available in both a lotion and spray formulation. Many hair inhibitors will only slow hair growth, but only some can stop unwanted hair growth for good. This is an ideal alternative to shaving because it's easy an inexpensive.

Causes of excessive hair growth in women

Assuming that heavy hair growth is not just your own genetic make-up, hirsutism can be caused by several different factors and the best treatment to reverse the excess hair growth depends upon which of those factors are working in your specific case.

  • Altered androgen metabolism (conversion from weak to potent androgens) - this is the most common cause of hirsutism and it appears to be the result of an increased conversion in the skin of testosterone to DHT.
  • Increased androgen production - either the ovary (testosterone) or the adrenal gland (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate - DHEA-S) can be responsible for excess androgens. The adrenal gland is less common but there are several recognized genetic instances in which the adrenal gland over produces androgens.
  • Decreased androgen binding in the circulation - only free androgen is biologically active. Estrogens increase liver manufacture of SHBG. Androgens decrease it. Thus lack of estrogens can effectively increase available blood androgens. Also any ingestion of androgens by mouth will further decrease SHBG and make those ingested androgens even more available to stimulate hair growth.
  • Exogenous androgens – medications such as Estratest, danazol, anabolic steroids in some of the body building supplements and even some birth control pills containing norgestrel, can cause increased hair growth. Even when testosterone cream is used on the vulva for certain vulvar skin conditions, there can be absorption into the blood stream which stimulates hair growth.

How can hair growth inhibitors help decrease excess hair growth?

Hair growth inhibitors slow the growth of unwanted, unattractive hair. In addition, this professional strength hair growth delaying formula can make unwanted hairs finer and less visible.

The hair shaft grows, and is then pulled from the follicle manually. Then, hair inhibitor is applied to the open pore (shortly after epilation occurs) and massaged in thoroughly. It will then line the wall of the hair follicle and neutralize it's ability to regenerate. Hair inhibitors stop hair growth at the root. Over time, the hair is permanently inhibited from growing back. It's an ideal alternative to shaving.

Hair growth inhibitors

  • help prevent and remove unwanted hair growth
  • slow the growth of unsightly hairs
  • make hairs finer and less visible

Professional strength hair growth inhibitors can stifle the growth of unwanted hairs. As well as make hairs finer and less visible. If you are fed up with removing unwanted hair, time after time hair inhibitors promise and answer. With regular use, unwanted hair will re-grow much more slowly, less densely with less color and significantly finer.

How to use hair inhibitors

Apply liberally on areas of unwanted hair after removal and every day for 8 weeks or when desired results are achieved. Maintain results by repeating use straight after hair removal and at least two further applications per week. See carton for full directions.