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Hi, what should I keep in mind when getting my hair rebounded and straightened? How much charges I'll have to pay?

Permanent Perming & Hair Straightening Perm Tips

While going for any kind of long term treatments for your hair, there are some simple things you need to keep in mind. The first is that you will experience a temporary and huge loss of hair. Permanent perming procedures such as bonding and straightening will particularly cause a great deal of hair loss. You should be prepared for this. The second thing is that while straightening through bonding will leave behind beautiful and shiny hair, when your hair starts growing back, remember that it will be the same texture and quality that it was before you went for the bonding process. Also, it will be considerably less. There is no such thing as touch up when it comes to permanent hair treatments. This simply means that you will have to get the entire process done all over again.

Another thing you would need to know is that the entire process of bonding takes a considerably long time, depending upon the length of your hair. You may have to dedicate a whole day to simply sitting in the parlor. Before going to get this particular treatment done, make sure you plan accordingly. You should also make it a point to try and speak to others who have had this procedure done to their hair to gain a wider perspective about exactly what the procedure entails. This will always give you a better idea about things.

As far as the cost of bonding is concerned, it would largely depend upon two things. The first and most important thing would be the amount and length of hair you have. Most parlors decide upon the cost of the treatment after taking a look at your hair. The second thing would be which part of the world you are located in. since you have not specified where you are, it is difficult to give you a figure of any kind. but you should know nevertheless, that hair straightening by the bonding process is an expensive procedure. No matter where you are, it would cost you a pretty packet. But even in a high range of expense, if you are able to conduct some amount of research in the area you are in and figure out a few parlors that offer the service, you may manage to save some money. This is because different places have different prices for the same procedure, and some may cost more or less than the others.