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Home Remedies for Gray Hair to Prevent Gray Hair

I am 18 years old and I am getting gray hair. Is it not too young to have gray hair? What should I do? Please help me out with some remedies to treat gray hair

Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for our hair color and the color of our skin as well. A gradual reduction in the production levels of melanin in one's hair is what causes it to go grey. Premature graying or canities is caused primarily due to genetic and hereditary factors. Other factors like overuse of styling products, lack of vitamins, minerals and iodine, excessive stress and sometimes low levels of hygiene may also contribute to the graying process. The greatest predicament you face from premature graying is a cosmetic one and the graying can be reduced to a certain extent using one of a number of remedies that are described in brief below.

Gray Hair Treatments and Gray Hair Prevention

To begin with, curry leaves make an excellent remedy for preventing the further development of premature grey hair. The leaves can either be consumed in the form of a ground paste or it can be used as a hair tonic by using it in coconut oil. Curry leaves are beneficial as they help strengthen the roots and hence boost the normal functions of the hair follicles. Another remedy that you can try is making ribbed gourd oil. Take a couple of ribbed gourd pieces and dry them out in the sun. Once done soak them in coconut oil and leave it like that for about three hours. Boil the oil until only a black residue is left. Once ready massage your scalp with it every night for effective results.

Indian goose berry is very well known for its ability to reduce the extent of premature graying and can also be used as a hair tonic. Take a few Indian goose berry fruits and cut them into pieces. Dry the pieces in the shade and then boil them in coconut oil until the whole thing is well cooked and turns a dark black color. Massage this oil into your scalp daily for a definite improvement in the color of your hair. You can also soak a few pieces in water overnight and then use the water to rinse your hair. Butter (made from cow's milk) applied to the roots of your hair twice a week will also do wonders for it and help reduce the extent of graying. If you're graying does not reduce even after repeated attempts then it best to consult a dermatologist who can give you a variety of other treatment options as well.