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Hair Fall Home Remedy and Falling Hair Treatment

I am 24 years old girl. My hair is falling on daily basis while combing. Day by day it is becoming thinner. Please give any solution for this also. I want to know how will my hair grow?  Please let me know any home remedies.

The fact that your hair is falling daily is a normal occurrence and the average person loses about 100 – 125 strands a day without actually realizing it. You actually start to experience hair loss when these hair strands are not replaced by fresh ones or if the rate of hair loss starts to exceed an amount of 125 strands a day. If you are losing hair at this rate then it is probable that you have androgenic alopecia. This disorder develops when the size of the hair follicle sac is reduced. The reduction in size causes a disruption in the active growth phase (one of the three stages of hair growth). This means that your hair spends a longer time in the resting phase (the stage of hair growth in which the hair is shed completely). Though this means that the hair does not grow back that easily the lapse is not simultaneous and hence, some parts of the scalp lose more hair as compared to other parts. If you want to be sure whether, your hair loss is normal or not then consult your doctor or a dermatologist who will give you a proper insight.

Prevent Hair Falling out with Thinning Hair Solution

Your hair thinning can be remedied by using washing your hair daily with a protein shampoo. These shampoos contain hydrolyzed animal proteins or thickeners. They coat the actual hair shaft when used in your hair, thus making your hair thicker. The resulting effect is hair that is fluffier and fuller looking. A good home made conditioner for thin hair is white vinegar. Take a large spoon of white vinegar and about 500 ML water. Mix the two and then massage it into your hair after shampooing. The vinegar has a high acidic level and thus helps change the chemical balance of your hair. This gives your hair more body and allows it to appear thicker. Another positive is that the vinegar does not leave an odor in your hair. However make sure to rinse your hair well after applying the conditioner.

The best way to prevent hair loss is to stimulate the production of natural oils from the sebaceous glands situated in your scalp. This natural oil or sebum is essential for nourishing your hair and keeping it healthy, therefore allowing it grow strong while avoiding unnecessary breakage. Therefore after washing your hair rub and massage your scalp well until it starts to heat up. Once this happens the blood circulation to your scalp increases and the sebum glands are subsequently stimulated.