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My Hair is Dull, Dry Dull Hair, Remedies for Dull Hair, Dull Hair Shiny

My hair is very much dry and dull there is no growth of my hair, whenever I comb my hair they cut into pieces. Please tell me home tips for my type of hair.

Dry Damaged Breaking Hair

Dry hair is usually a result of dry flaky scalp. And if your scalp is dry, chances are that your hair is not getting enough nourishment, making it look dull and lifeless. Such undernourished hair tends to break easily, leading to frizziness of the hair. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is take care of the dryness of your hair. Once that is taken care of, your hair will automatically start looking healthier and will start to shine.

The first thing that you need to do is cut down on the number of times you shampoos your hair. The maximum number of times that you should shampoo your hair is twice a week, and not more. While shampooing, make sure that you massage your scalp gently but thoroughly, as this will help to release the natural oils in your scalp. Also, make sure that you pat dry your hair and not rub it vigorously. This will not only help to retain the moisture but also reduce the breakage of the hair. You will have to regularly oil your hair as well. The oil that works best for dry hair is olive oil. Apply warm olive oil to your hair an hour before you wash your hair. Another thing that works wonders for dry hair is fresh coconut milk. Squeeze out fresh coconut milk and apply it to your scalp at least once a week. Leave it on for at least half an hour before you shampoo it off. Bananas and avocados have natural fats that work wonders on dry flakey scalp and hair. You can mash overripe bananas and avocados and apply them all over your hair. Leave them on for around 30 minutes before you wash them off. Avocado also has properties that can protect the hair from UV sun rays.

To bring back shine and luster to the hair and for dry scalp treatments, the best thing that you can use is beer. Pour beer on your hair and scalp and leave it on for five to ten minutes before you shampoo it off. Beer will not only add shine to your hair, it will also remove the entire residue that gets accumulated on the scalp due to the usage of different hair products. Once every two weeks, apply eggs to your hair to provide it with nutrition as well as shine. You can apply only the egg or else you can mix it with olive oil and vinegar to give your hair extra nourishment.