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Stop Greying Hair, Dandruff Treatment at Home & Hairfall Remedy

I’m 20 years old and have a problem of hairfall since 6-7months and also some of my hairs have turn white and I also have dandruff problem. Please can you suggest me some remedies to get rid of all these problems?

Since you mentioned that you have dandruff, there’s a probability that your hair fall is also caused due to the dandruff. However this can be remedied at home itself. Take a lemon, some egg white, henna and yoghurt. Mix tem all tighter into a paste and apply it to your hair. Leave it on for about half an hour and then rinse out your hair. Use this dandruff treatment at home and hairfall remedy every alternate day for effective results. Your hair fall may also be caused due to a poor diet therefore make sure include in your diet a lot of spinach, milk, green leafy vegetables, cottage cheese, almonds and certain meats as they are good source of protein. The foodstuffs mentioned above have been found to be beneficial for hair growth and also prevent hair loss to a certain extent. When using hair care products at home always follow the instructions carefully. Certain products contain chemicals that may affect your hair if left in for a long period therefore always make sure to rinse out any hair products from your hair once you are done using them. Another good remedy for dandruff is tea tree oil. The oil is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia that is found in Australia. The oil is effective as it has various antiseptic and anti- fungal properties. If you do not want to use the oil directly, there are also a number of shampoos available that contain tea tree oil.  

Premature greying is also known as canities and is caused due to reduced levels of pigmentation in the hair follicles. This reduced performance level, causes it too to lose its black color. It is a common problem and can be caused due to a vitamin deficiency or hereditary factors and even anaemia has been known to cause the disorder. You can treat premature greying using Indian goose berry as a remedy. Take a couple of Indian goose berries and cut them into fine pieces. Let the pieces dry out and then boil them in coconut oil until it disintegrates (continue to boil it until the oil has a darkish appearance). Once ready store the oil in a container and use it to massage your scalp every night in order to prevent further greying of your hair. Finally make sure to live a stress free life, exercise and eat well as these factors indirectly help curb problems like dandruff, hair fall and premature greying.